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of Local and International Fuels


with own fluvial and terrestrial fleet

+20 Years of Service

to the sector Naviero, Industrial and Fishing
Quality Policies

It is our commitment

Awe take into consideration the implementation of safe practices in the operation of ships, cargo handling and particularly the safe work of their crew, observing compliance with all established instructions and procedures; Through a permanent risk assessment and the taking of appropriate precautions, to avoid facing dangerous situations that affect the ecosystem.

Sectors in which we work

Commercialization of fuels (IFO’s and Distillates) for the consumption of machines to ships of International Flag.

Commercialization of fuels (Diesel) to the Fishing Sector of National Flag and other boats.

Commercialization of derivatives (Light Fuel Oil, Diesel, Asphalts Industrial Solvents) to the different industries of the country, through our fleet of trucks.

Marketing of lubricants for all segments and industries and sectors of the country; As well as ships of the international segment

Our fleet

We have the largest fleet of tankers for transporting fuels in the International Shipping Segment in the country (4 own vessels).

Oil Sector Data

Work & Responsibility

Our guidelines are always oriented towards quality in service, through responsible practices with the environment that generate value to the community, & nbsp; this is undoubtedly a driving thread that moves us to all of us who are part of this company.

Customer Portfolio

Our priority is to maintain long-term business relationships. We have over 300 clients nationwide and internationally.